Listings and catalogues


Used as verification of names of cultivars and referred to in the Register and Checklist

  • ‘Tambo Vale Nursery. Haywood R. & J. Aust.’
  • ‘Tarronlea. Hendy Mrs. Lola S. Aust.’
  • ‘Taworri Nurseries. Torney, Joyce E. Aust.’
  • ‘Taylor, Wm. Taylor & Sangster Aust.’
  • ‘Telston Nurseries UK.’
  • ‘The Geranium Nursery NZ.’
  • ‘The Geranium Nursery UK.’
  • ‘The Nurseries 1897-1898 (Cheeseman R. Later Brighton Nurseries) Aust.’
  • ‘The Nurseries. Parrett, H.F. UK.’
  • ‘The Pelargonium Museum with the Sweden National Collection described and published with pictures 2008.’
  • ‘Thorp’s Nurseries. Thorp, John UK.’
  • ‘Thos. Lang Aust.’
  • ‘Three Suns UK.’
  • ‘Topperwein Ger.’
  • ‘Treseder Bros. Aust.’
  • ‘Tunia Service. Both, E. Aust.’